Steel Framing Systems
What does Siberian residential construction have in common with building methods in the Papua New Guinea?.........absolutely nothing !
That's why a "one size fits all" approach will not work with Steel Framing Systems.
Steel Framing Systems International is building its success on custom designing "turnkey" integrated manufacturing systems which will design, engineer, detail, manufacture and assemble steel roof trusses, wall panels and flooring members.
SFS International Systems are custom made for each situation, making allowances for the raw materials available in any given area.........such as grades of steel, fasteners, and construction methods.
SFS International understands their customers' needs.........Rates of production, floor space, skill levels, future expansion and can design a manufacturing system to suit any situation and budget.
Our "SFS Portable" System is SFS "On the Move", and is fully equipped and ready for mobile and remote SFS operations. From project and track home designs to custom built homes or your Siberian winter retreat.
SFS International - "Complete freedom of Choice"

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